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Welcome to Worldwide Timeshares  Unlimited®- Europe’s leading timeshare resale company. Whether you are looking to Buy Timeshare or Sell Timeshare, we hope that our secure transactions, realistic advice and commitment to delivering great service will help guide you through what can be an otherwise confusing marketplace. Along with the information on this website, we have a team of knowledgeable consultants ready to help answer your questions! Just give us a call

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If you are looking to Buy Timeshare then you can use our search options to browse a wide selection of timeshare weeks and timeshare points we have registered on our books. However, in addition to the timeshares listed on this site we have many other weeks available. So, if there is something in particular you are looking for or you would simply like to ask us some questions, please call us on 01502534622 . Our consultants will be delighted to help answer any of your questions and, since we have many different options from which to choose, provide you with some independent advice as to which might suit your holiday requirements best.

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If you are considering selling your timeshare then you will be pleased to learn that you can register your timeshare for sale with us absolutely free of charge. To find out how we can help sell your timeshare, speak with one of our friendly consultants on 07716737960 who can help provide you with some realistic, clear advice. Alternatively, you can complete a form online, please visit the page “Register Your Timeshare For Sale“.

What We Do

Timeshares-unlimited  is one of the foremost timeshare resale and advice websites in Europe. We handle thousands of varied enquiries from timeshare owners a month.

We offer FREE timeshare advice in every area of timeshare. We can help you with buying, selling, trading up and down, terminating your contract, in some cases we would buy your timeshare off you? and we have a range of alternative holiday and leisure products – as well as keeping your timeshare to maximise its value to you.

We only work with Lawyers who do a No-Win-No-Fee service and who are experts in challenging the old rules of Timeshare and dragging the business into the Twenty First century. Companies that provide provides a comprehensive range of services to international clients wishing to pursue legal disputes in Spain. (Whilst our team of highly skilled, multilingual lawyers covers a wide range of legal services from family law through to real estate and commercial law our main speciality is that of Timeshare Law).

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